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3 Years. That’s how long it’s been since the last time I published on LSB. Not sure if that qualifies as a hiatus or outright abandonment. Either way, it’s been a while. A lot has changed since the last time fresh words appeared on this page. My family has grown by a couple of kids. And, we have relocated from the traditional beer culture of Germany to the Wild West of brewing, America. Life has thrown us a bunch of personal curveballs, and after many ups and downs existence is beginning to settle down a bit.

Cyberspace absenPhoto Jan 01, 8 58 33 PMce doesn’t necessarily mean my beer journey was also put on hold. Far from it. Over the past three years, I’ve been blessed to taste some pretty amazing brews, travel to some remarkable brewing locations, and expand my passion and knowledge of the wonderful world of beer. As life has begun to afford me more time and monetary capacity, I’ve had a renewed hankering to pick up this blog as a way to process some of my beer adventures. The purpose of Love.Serve.Beer. is the same as always, but I definitely bring an changed persepctive than from the last time I’ve written.

One thing that has changed has been an added sense of modesty. When I first began my beer exploration, my ambition to know and master all things beer was sky high. I wanted to elevate my experience to the level of aficionado, and I coveted to taste the renowned “greats” like Pliny, Dark Lord, and Westy. But, as the axiom goes, the more you learn, the dumber you are.  I realized that any thought of becoming some sort of beer connoisseur was silly–at best I’m a dilettante, and at worst a total wannabe. There is just so much to this thing called beer that any attempt I can give to learn would be merely scratching the surface.

The other big change as it relates to beer is my surroundings. As I mentioned, about two years ago we moved from Cologne, Germany back to the United States where we finally settled in the Chicagoland area. The move has shifted my focus from the traditional and, at times, stodgy environment of Germany to the dynamic world of American brewing. Needless to say, I’ve missed being around the best Bocks, Pilsners, and Kölsches the world has to offer. But, the new surroundings of the US has definitely had its perks.

So, this brings me to today. For a while, I’ve wanted to resurrect this blog as a way of recording all that I taste, learn, and experience. I don’t necessarily gravitate toward some of the big names and popular trends like I may have before. My demured attitude and different location means that I’ll probably write more about local expressions of the craft beer revolution. (Don’t get me wrong though. If a bottle of Speedway Stout somehow lands in my lap, you bet I’ll write about it.) But like before, I don’t pretend to be an expert in beer. Instead, I just want to offer up the thoughts and insights of a normal guy who likes beer.


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It’s ironic that during my formative young adult years, I was a complete teetotaler.  I was the perpetual DD.  It wasn’t until I spent a semester studying in Austria that I had my first alcoholic drink.  During a tour of the Stiegl brewery in Salzburg, I had a glass of Stiegl’s Paracelsus Zwickl, and it was beautiful.  That started a growing appreciation and love for beer.  Over the years, this love has involved and strengthened.  Now, as an American living in Germany, I have the opportunity to partake in some of the best beers of the world.  My experiences here have inspired me to start this blog to chronicle my journey in the brewing tradition.

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